Knight Frank offices are reopening with new guidelines for property viewings and appraisals

The government have amended lockdown legislation, meaning that estate agents can open their doors, conduct physical viewings and market appraisals, and enable England’s property market to start moving again.

This is great news for tenants, buyers, landlords and sellers who have been stuck in limbo over the past few months. While virtual viewings provide an invaluable alternative and will still be available for those who prefer, or are unable or uncomfortable leaving the house, physical property viewings will resume in line with government advice and strict safety protocols.

“We welcome any movement in the right direction,” explains Tim Hyatt, Head of Residential at Knight Frank. “A lot of pent-up demand has built in the market and any change that enables us to cater to people’s requirements in a safe way is a good thing.”

Offices will reopen, however, doors will remain locked as we move to an appointment basis, due to social distancing requirements and reduced number of staff at the premises.

The safety, health and wellbeing of our employees and customers is our number one priority. Please also note that our stated office hours may vary at this time, so please contact your relevant office to discuss your requirements or make an appointment.

The points below explain how safe, socially distanced viewings will be conducted as we move into this next stage.

Before the property visit:

• Knight Frank employees will check that everyone involved in the visit is feeling well, and if anyone has been experiencing Covid-19 symptoms in the last 14 days, the visit will be postponed

• It will be requested that a maximum of two people (from one household) plus a Knight Frank representative are present at viewings

• Knight Frank will ask the occupant or owners to ensure the property is well ventilated and door are open prior to a visit

• All relevant information will be emailed to avoid sharing any physical documents

• Knight Frank will not be able to provide transport to or from the property

During the Property Viewing:

• Knight Frank representatives will maintain a 2m distance during the visit with everyone present

• If the property is not large enough to maintain two metres distance, a ‘one in one out’ policy will apply

• Handshakes will be avoided

• Customers will be asked to remove shoes on entering the property

• Antibacterial gel will be used on arrival and during the visit

• Knight Frank will provide gloves and non-clinical face covering for our staff and any customers visiting the property

• If there is a need to open doors or cupboards, the Knight Frank representative will do this. Customers will be asked not to touch any surfaces inside the property or any pets present

• It will be arranged so that all doors in the property will be open to avoid any unnecessary contact

• To uphold social distancing, the visit will be as brief as possible and further discussions will be carried out over the telephone

In addition to physical viewings, we will continue to offer virtual viewings and appraisals. For more information, contact us today.