Ref. 200 – XVI° Century Villa

In Vendita


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Geographic position

The complex is located half an hour from Venice, Abano Terme and a 15 minute drive to Padova and the Lagoon, on the edge of a small village, not isolated and well-connected to the highway A13 (Padova exit), that is just12 km to the toll.

The highway represents a quick connection to the main centres of the northern part of Italy, that are all less than a one hour drive, such as Treviso, Ferrara and Verona, while in less than one and a half hour drive it is possible to reach Lake Garda and Bologna. The closest Airport is Venezia Marco Polo (56 km), while the civil Airport of Padova for private flights is 24 km away.

Description of buildings

Dating back to the 1500, the complex was built on the ruins of a medieval castle, of which the ancient tower and the former well remain.
Within the boundary wall that surrounds it, the property includes the following buildings:

– the wonderful and completely frescoed manor’s villa;
– spacious barchessa with wide porch with arches and trusses;
– the former gardener’s dwelling located along the boundary wall;
– former tower dated back to the 1300 with guest area;
– some agricultural annexes to be retrieved;

the overall surface is about 3.534 gross sqm, surrounded by 5 hectares about of private land.

The Villa
It is one of the most important villas in Veneto region, with great historic and artistic value, mainly regarding the set of frescoes by Zelotti, Fasolo and Veronese decorating both the exteriors and the interiors.

The main facade is characterized by a three-arched loggia with lateral walls representing frescoes of tapestries serving as a backdrop to the mythological scenes based on Ovidio “Le Metamorfosi”.
The front wall, to the sides of the entrance door, features daily life scenes representing the game of cards and a noblemen Concert.
An entrance hall decorated with architectonich subjects and with doors overlooked by the portrayal of the Fortitude and the Hope gives access to the reception room: a majestic area featuring a doric style colonnade and walls with frescoes inspired to mythological fairy tales.
The villa develops in a succession of large rooms on the right-hand and on the left-hand of the central lounge, a layout that is present in all the three floors: the upper ones with frescoes and the lower one in rustic style with a long recreation room.
Worth of a note is the small chapel included in the villa.
The three floors feature a total of 33 rooms including two main lounges, for a total surface of 1928 gross sqm.
The villa is provided with electricity plant, heating system, telephone, alarm system, water and sewage system.

The Barchessa
Located in front of the villa (on the long side), overlooking a large flat park, there is the barchessa, a large structure with a central body dated back to the 1400. The property includes a large library, some meeting and reception rooms plus a guest quarters, covering an overall area of about 1200 gross sqm, in addition to a large eight-arcade portico, completely paved with cotto and characterized by wooden trussed ceiling.
The barchessa is provided with electricity plant, heating system, telephone, water and sewage system.

The tower dated back to 1300
Located in the vicinity of the villa, the tower, dating back to the XIV century, represents the most ancient part of the complex. The building is on three floors plus the ground floor, open on all the four sides, creating a sort of portico. The interiors host three rooms connected by an internal staircase and served by a small bathroom.

Farmhouses to be restored (the former gardener’s house) and agricultural annexes
Along the border of the property there is a building, the former gardener’s house. The restoration dates back to the 1984 and it is provided with electricity plant, heating system, water and sewage system.
Together with further volumes and annexes to be retrieved, it covers an overall area of 337 gross sqm.

State and finishing

The architecture, the original materials and the precious frescoes of Zelotti, Fasolo and Veronesi make Villa Veneta an enchanting property with all its century-old history.
For its important historic and artistic value, its large rooms and its convenient location, well-connected to the main road system and its closeness to Venice, this property is ideal both for receptive use and for hosting cultural events, as well as a centre for community groups that can use the villa as seat for their activity.

External areas

Born as a country residence, the property preserves a part of the former land covering a flat area of about 5 hectares. A wide park spreads in front of the long façade of the villa and on the opposite side between this latter and the Barchessa. The secret garden has a particular charme; it is a Jappelliano garden located opposite the main façade and surrounded by a boundary wall accessible from two wrought-iron gates.

A small pond in the vicinity of the tower, embraced by a grove delimits the park from the agricultural area consisting of a large flat sowable field and a vineyard.

Use and potential uses

The property is in good general condition even if it needs some repairs of restoration and renovation. The most relevant characteristic is represented by the fact that the villa has kept the original features and materials untouched.


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