Which are the Italian Areas most Invested in? Why?

Tuscany tends to be North Europeans first port of call. It is the region they most readily associate with all that is wonderful about the Italian lifestyle and culture and a location that is easily accessed overland from central Europe.

Buyers of all nationalities feel a similarly magnetic pull towards Tuscany as the epitome of Italian charm, from its city architecture and rural farmhouses to its glorious landscapes and views.

The strongest interest is for areas around Lucca, Chianti and into the Val d’Orcia, the perennial favourites. Buyers happy to be a little further from cities and airports in return for greater value for money are looking at Maremma, a region that has the added appeal of long, woodland- fringed beaches.

After a stint in the doldrums, Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda is seeing renewed interest among buyers from the Middle East, but also from Germans and Northern Europeans.

Americans are slowly taking a renewed interest in Italy, partly promoted by highly favourable exchange rates earlier in 2016. Russians, too, are returning to the mid-priced market, particularly in Liguria.