Asia Pacific: Despite economic uncertainty 67% of the region’s residential markets recorded positive annual price growth in H2 2019

Last year presented a tough operating environment for Asia-Pacific’s residential markets given the global macroeconomic uncertainty, but this was balanced by falling interest rates and policies aimed at supporting affordability. Among the 27 regional residential indices tracked by the report, 67% reported positive annual price growth in the second half of 2019.

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India: Government measures to help mitigate effects of economic slowdown

According to the new India Real Estate Report, 2019 was a challenging year that saw GDP growth decline to 4.5% year-on-year in September. The economic slowdown exacerbated the uncertainty in the residential sector which is still struggling to find its feet in the midst of a funding crisis. However, the recent creation of an Alternative…

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Windows of opportunity in the prime London property market

There are early indications that the relative political certainty provided by last month’s general election result is starting to boost activity in prime London markets. Excluding the month before a pre-announced stamp duty increase in April 2016, the number of exchanges for existing homes in prime central London in December 2019 was the highest monthly…

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