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Australia: Prime absolute waterfront properties generate a 63% premium

The Prime Waterfront Index measures how much uplift a waterfront location can add to a property’s value. When examining this premium across Australia, prime waterfront properties are worth an average of 63% more than their inland counterparts. Sydney offers the potential for the most added value, followed by the Gold Coast and Perth.

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UK Student sector: 78% of students satisfied with their purpose-built student accommodation

The new Student Accommodation Survey provides a valuable insight into how students view their accommodation and the key factors that influence their decision when choosing where to rent. Overall, more than three quarters of students living in purpose-built student accommodation indicated that they were satisfied with their accommodation choice for the year (78%), slightly higher than…

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Miami: Low taxes and the draw of Art Basel

Early December means only one thing for the international contemporary art world: Art Basel Miami. The USA’s premier art fair sees a five day fiesta of exhibitions, satellite shows, power networking and full blown parties as 270 elite galleries from 35 countries take over the Miami Beach Convention Center. Art Basel Miami 2018 attracted 83,000…

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